Typical GK33500 Industrial Coverstitich


Typical Model GK 33500 -2/3 Needle Top And Bottom Cover Stitch

      • High Speed Flat Bed Interlock Sewing Machine.
      • Industrial Sewing Machine With Energy Saving Silent Servo Motor – Ac Servo Motor, Small Size, Low Power Consumption, Compact Excellent Controllability, High Precision. Integrated Housing, Reasonable Body.
      • To Satisfy Customers’ New Requirements Of Interlock Machine, Typical Developed Gk335 Series Interlock Machine That Is Suitable To Sew Linsey-Woolsey Shirt And Medium Thickness Knitting Fabrics. This Machine Has Advance Driving System, Double Devices For Needle Cooling, High speed and low vibration. Full sealed operation plate makes sewing be clean and the thread selecting Range Becomes Wide And Easy.
      • Come Try It Before You Buy It!.
      • Structure Could Solve The Housing Assembly Surface Of The Oil Spill Problem.
      • Whole Front Part Of The Seamless, Beautiful Overall Appearance. Using TwoShifts Of High-Style Design At The Presser Foot Shaft Axis, Avoid Fabric Push Back, Suit For High-Speed Rotation.
      • This Machine Can Be Delivered And Installed By A Qualified Sewing Machine Engineer  And Give A Free Tutorial On How To Use The Machine – please call for this service
      • Popular Machine Used By:
        • Fashion Designers
        • Students
        • Zig zag
        • Commercial Users
        • Curtain Makers
        • Tailors
      • Accessories:
        • Instructions
        • Tool Kit
        • Spare Needles


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