5 Ltr Steam Boiler and Industrial Iron and Vacum Table


A top Quality Industrial Iron With Powerful Boiler and a Vacuum Board Much Better Value Than Made in Italy and the Quality is Even Better Made in Turkey

  • Silter Brand Model-SPR/2005 E
  • Supplied With Teflon Shoe (Normally £20) and free Trolley Stand worth £50
  • This is very popular with DRY CLEANERS and people working from home, students in fashion design and tailoring, or making curtains or soft furnishings.
  • Water Capacity- 5litres
  • Boiler Power-1250w@220v
  • Iron Power-800w@220v
  • Energy Consumption-1.25 Kwh
  • Voltage 220/230 v50/60hz
  • Non Stop Iron Capacity-4.5 Hours
  • Steam Pressure-2,5 Bars
  • Weight-8.5 Kgs
  • Continuous dry Steam Output-70g/Min
  • Boiler Material-stainless Steel
  • Heat up Time-8 Mins


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